Why use an industrial wiper service?

Industrial dirt is most often oil or similar dirt classified as hazardous waste. The handling and disposal of hazardous waste is regulated by law. We are responsible for the proper handling and disposal of hazardous waste.

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Whether your business is small or large, you can order industrial wipers anywhere in the UK!


Wipers are delivered within 7-10 business days of ordering. We deliver the collection containers at first delivery

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The Industrial Wiper Service rolls as agreed without further action.

Industrial wipers and absorption mats you can order online

Industrial wipers

– Automotive
– Engineering
– Heavy machinery
– Printing

Industrial mats

Available sizes
– 90 x 60 cm
– 150 x 30 cm
– 200 x 60 cm


Metallic dispenser for smaller quantity wipes.
Clean wipes are stacked in the upper compartment and used wipes can be disposed to the metallic compartment below.


Dispenser for larger quantity of wipes
Clean wipers are stacked in the upper compartment and lower compartment holds a plastic container for used wipes.

FAQ about our wiper service

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    Aren’t all wipers pretty much the same?

    Absolutely not! We understand the needs of different industries and have a selection of wipes for different kinds of wiping and absorption needs. For example, the printing industry requires very high quality wipers that leave no residue on the printing machines – giving the papers and magazines the perfect clean print, whereas the automotive industry usually requires wipes and absorption mats that are heavy enough to hold liquids such as oil and grease. Don’t know which wipers are best for you? Don’t worry, we will help you find the best solution for your needs!

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    Isn’t it cheaper to buy my own wipers?

    As a one-time purchase, taking the plunge and buying your own wipes might seem like a good option. However, in industrial use wipes don’t have a very long life cycle and they need to be replaced with new ones frequently.  Taking into consideration the laundry costs and cost of disposing hazardous waste, buying your own wipes starts piling up other costs that are difficult to estimate and budget. Another factor is that the quality of disposable wipes is not high enough for industrial usage. They also create a large waste problem, especially considering the handling hazardous waste.

    Our care free wiper service is more cost efficient than dealing with a non-managed service, where you would be responsible for all tasks associated within it. Our solution is easy to budget and there are no hidden costs! All of this is automatically included in our service:

    • Acquiring enough wipers for your daily use
    • Wiper containers for both clean and used wipers
    • Laundry
    • Logistics arrangements between laundry service and your facility
    • Meeting the legal obligations of disposing of hazardous waste, removed by our wipers and mats
    • Reports of waste disposal when needed